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3 Excellent Drone Locations in Tuscany

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Tuscany is a superb location for drone-enthusiasts. With clement weather and  generally good visibility it provides countless quaint villages and medieval structures which are incredibly beautiful and ‘saturated’. My foray was a week during September 2016 in which rain-laden clouds loomed heavily around me providing diffused lighting and a deep cobalt-blue backdrop which made architectural elements ‘pop’.

In hindsight I wish I planned my shot-routes better to maximise the little time I had for drone-activity. My ND filter is not blocking enough light out and I believe it’s a good idea to fix an ND16 (or perhaps even ND32) for most brightly lit areas. The locations I selected, are:

  • The outskirts of Arezzo in a locality called ‘Pieve a Maiano‘. This area has a fantastic progression of lush agricultural land, bush and river. The area is a designated natural park known as: ‘Riserva Naturale di Ponte a Burin e Penna‘ and receives inflow waters from the ‘Fiume Arno’. I was intrigued by the train tracks crossing through the zone which appear in the initial scene of the movie.
  • The dreamy town of Monteriggioni in the province of Siena. It’s medieval structure dating back to the 13th century and its pristine hillock position makes it an obvious geographic beauty for drone-exploration. Google Maps itself offers a clear view of this.
  • Lastly the outskirts of Montepulciano. Whilst I would have wished to fly the drone in the town itself, I only found time to do so outside its gates beside the church of San Biagio. It’s Renaissance Greek cross central plan lends itself well to drone activity. Naturally you can also grab a bite at the excellent restaurant ‘La Grotta‘ which conveniently stands right in front of the church.

Below are my fly paths for the three locations above:

arezzo (tuscany) drone flypath

montepulciano San Biagio drone fly path

montepulciano San Biagio drone fly path


And hereunder some Tuscan moments:


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