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Trusting AI

Gege Gatt on AI at Times of Malta event

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to advance at an exponential rate, concerns surrounding its trustworthiness and alignment with human values have taken centre stage. This conversation is not just about the technical aspects of AI, but also about politics and coordination. To build trust, we must focus on alignment, open dialogue, and public engagement to ensure AI aligns with our value systems and promotes societal well-being.

During a Business Breakfast event organised by the Times of Malta in April 2023, I took on the topics of alignment and the opportunities AI presents to re-humanise work.

When discussing the unique opportunities AI can provide Malta in the public sector, we can identify three key aspects:

  1. Rethinking Work: With AI’s potential to automate up to 45% of existing tasks, we need to re-evaluate our economic policies, wealth distribution, and employability. As the largest employer in Malta, the public sector must shift its understanding of work and adapt to these changes.
  2. Re-Humanisation: AI can automate repetitive, rule-based tasks, allowing us to rediscover value in our work. The public sector has an opportunity to reimagine itself, shedding mundane tasks and focusing on providing services in a fair, intelligent, fast, and dignified manner.
  3. Proactive Public Engagement: The public sector has traditionally been reactive, but AI presents the opportunity to invert this model. By utilising predictive analytics and empowering citizens through unstructured language, the public sector can become more proactive, enabling societal growth and fostering political solidarity.

Malta’s readiness for AI involves fostering collaboration and unlocking human potential. With AI, everyone can have access to research and scenario-building, leveling the playing field and unleashing creativity. For Malta, this represents a significant opportunity to invest in its most important asset: its people.

Building trust in AI requires aligning the technology with our values and promoting open dialogue. As Malta’s public sector embraces AI, it has the potential to reshape work, re-humanise tasks, and enable proactive public engagement. This represents a pivotal moment for Malta to capitalize on the benefits of AI and unlock the full potential of its citizens.

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