Things you can’t do with eight fingers

Crack. A nasty whip to my index finger.
Right hand (which is the only decent one) is down.
Two fingers are now painfully strapped.

I had no idea how many things you can’t do with eight fingers.
Here’s my rolling list as I painfully learn:

  •     Can’t use any gestures with my MacBook Pro’s trackpad
  •     Can’t get the car keys in the ignition hole
  •     Can’t shave with my blade
  •     Can’t shake people’s hands (too painful)
  •     Can’t chop tomatoes for my salad
  •     Can’t take pictures with my SLR (thank God for iphone)
  •     Can’t toss an omelet in a pan
  •     Can’t hold an espresso cup with any decent composure


X-Ray of my right hand

The annoying injury

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