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The authenticity of a brand

One thing I look out for in a brand is authenticity.
This is what draws me to the age-old Wilkin & Sons products.

Established in 1885 the Tiptree-based family has been farming in this area for ages and has produced some of the best conserves you could buy. Because they manage their own farms they have unusual fruits such as medlar, loganberry, mulberry, quince and greengage, which makes their offering interesting.

Their brand identity correctly translates into a positive sentiment of credibility and consistency. They haven’t spruced-up their logo or packaging. Both of these have stood the test of time and the two work brilliantly in positioning the product as genuine and authetic. Without succumbing to design fads, the brand has garnered loyalty.

Staunch fans as well as newbies generally associate the packaging with a nostalgic food-manufacturing process of days long gone. While the process may have been modernised, the same ingredients and passion for good products are still the driving force behind this brand.

Wilkin & Sons logo

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