Preview takes ages to quit – Here’s the solution.

I run a pretty sturdy Mac BookPro with a 2.7Ghz processor and I’ve been loving OSX8 save for the fact that PREVIEW‘s app has been taking ages to close once I quit it. It’s an annoying snag considering Preview is intended to be a light, quick app.

If it’s tormenting you too: here’s the cause and the solution. When using Preview to handle PDFs, upon quitting, Preview tries to add a virtual bookmark which would allow you to re-start reading from the last page when you re-open the application. Disable this and Preview will run lightning fast.

To do so: (i) Open Preview, (ii) Click Preferences from the Preview Menu, (iii) click the ‘PDF’ tab, then (iv) un-check the option ‘Start on the last viewed page’ (see image below)

Solve Preview quit time lag

Preview Preferences screen


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