Pack your life with interesting experiences

I recently came across an interview with memory genius and author Joshua Foer.
His book ‘Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything’ is an incredibly beautiful journey into the workings of the mind.

Below is an excerpt from the interview which is a ‘mind’-opener:

Q: What is the connection between memory and our sense of time?

A: As we get older, life seems to fly by faster and faster. That’s because we structure our experience of time around memories. We remember events in relation to other events. But as we get older, and our experiences become less unique, our memories can blend together. If yesterday’s lunch is indistinguishable from the one you ate the day before, it’ll end up being forgotten. That’s why it’s so hard to remember meals. In the same way, if you’re not doing things that are unique and different and memorable, this year can come to resemble the last, and end up being just as forgettable as yesterday’s lunch. That’s why it’s so important to pack your life with interesting experiences that make your life memorable, and provide a texture to the passage of time.

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