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The Malta IT Law Association has been setup

Associations focusing on niche areas of law are critical to the healthy development and scrutiny of such specialist segments of knowledge. Associations in themselves also offer a platform in which members can expand their global network within such industry.

IT Law is a fast-growing and hugely important area of law and as a result practitioners in this field have come together to form the Malta IT Law Association (MITLA).

The association serves the technology law community and is on boarding members with immediate effect. The association is led by an Executive Committee elected from year to year and Dr. Antonio Ghio serves as the Association’s first President. I serve as its Vice President.

MITLA will enter into discussion with key stakeholders about the unique legal issues arising from the evolution, production, marketing and utilisation of information and communications technology. It shall also prompt and encourage the development of IT law and facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on matters relating to the practice of IT law in Malta.

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