Dr. Gege Gatt

Dr. Gege Gatt is a technology entrepreneur and lawyer with extensive experience in ICT corporate strategy and operations. He is passionate about digital ethics, transformation, culture and start-ups.

He is the CEO of London-based company EBO.AI, an Artificial Intelligence platform which is disrupting the customer engagement industry through data. His work has been covered by IDC, USA Today, Forbes, the Telegraph, the FT and others. He is a founding member and Director of ICON (a Microsoft Partner and Google Partner company) a world-class software development company. At ICON, he has led several complex technology projects for blue-chip brands including PwC, Hilton, McDonald’s, the European Commission, Procter & Gamble and Xerox.

Gege has been appointed by the World Health Organisation as an academic reviewer of its digital Health Information System strategy. He is a TEDx speaker and delivered an acclaimed speech about the necessity of guiding A.I. with responsible, ethical and lawful principles.

He is the former Chairman of Beacon Media Group which incorporates a digital news portal, a national radio station and a multi-channel Media Centre. He is also a Board Member of the Humanity 2.0 Foundation operating from the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome. The Foundation identifies impediments to human progress and works collaboratively across sectors to remove them by sourcing and scaling bold and innovative technology solutions.

As a specialist in ICT law Gege provides advice on matters relating to Data Protection, Computer Misuse and ICT contracting. He is an Executive Board Member of the Malta IT-Law Association and is a specialist examiner in the field of ICT Law for Doctoral thesis submitted to the University of Malta. He sits on Vienna’s INPLP which brings together lawyers and academics from 33 countries to discuss matters relating to data privacy and compliance in the cloud

Gege was a founding member of MUOVO, an HR firm focusing on the ICT and financial services job sector. MUOVO is a partner of the global labour market leader: Gi-Group.

He was a Director of Yellow – a leader in the publishing industry, and the most accurately curated directory, with thousands of businesses listed online as well as offline printed in a Directory. Here he spearheads the digital transformation strategy.

Gege served as a Non-Executive Director of essDOCS which provides data solutions to some of the largest logistics and transportation companies world-wide. The company delivers industry-led electronic shipping and trade document/data solutions which improve physical and financial operations, compliance and traceability.

He holds a Bachelors degree in Sociology and a Doctoral degree in Laws from the University of Malta. He is a member of the Camera degli Avvocati (Malta), the British Computer Society and the Chamber of Commerce, Malta. He is ITIL certified, a qualified internal auditor for ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, a regular contributor to business and IT publications and a speaker at ICT events.

He is a keen photographer and has exhibited his work in several locations including Nanjing (China), Lavandou (France) as well as  in Malta and Gozo. He has co-authored and contributed to a book on Seascapes (available from Online, his photos have been published by the BBC, Saatchi & Saatchi, Bang & Olufsen, Canon, University of Toronto Magazine, International Music Network and several other printed and online galleries and publications.

He has co-authored a book on digital media and several papers on digital marketing and Artificial Intelligence. His latest book on the Maltese Mediascape discusses the advancement of technology and its socio-psychological impact in Southern Europe.

He was a mentor for one of the largest Blockchain Hackathons in Europe and the first ever Vatican Hackathon. For the European Commission, he mentored the EU vs Virus hackathon which created 2,164 multi-disciplinary, multi-nationality teams with innovative solutions for addressing public healthcare concerns.

Books & Publications:

  • Navigating the Maltese Mediascape. ISBN 9789995750732.
  • Agile. Perspectives on Malta’s economy post COVID-19 (PDF). ISBN 978-99957-1-723-0.
  • L-iStat Tan-Nazzjon 2021. ISBN: 978-99932-7-854-2
  • L-iStat Tan-Nazzjon 2023. ISBN: 978-99932-7-980-8
Dr. Gege Gatt
Dr. Gege Gatt
(Released under creative Commons Attribution 4.0 | Image released to Public domain)
Speaking at TEDxUniversityOfMalta, 2023
Dr. Gege Gatt: speaking at an EY event about Artificial Intelligence
Addressing the annual Malta IT Law Association event in 2023
MONEY Magazine (Issue 63) Cover – January 2021
Speaking at the DELTA Summit in 2019
Dr. Gege Gatt: Speaking at a Microsoft event about AI
Speaking at TEDxUniversityOfMalta, 2023
EBO in Gaming
Dr. Gege Gatt EUvsVirus Hackathon

Dr. Gege Gatt mentored the European Commission’s EU vs Virus hackathon which created 2,164 multi-disciplinary, multi-nationality teams with innovative solutions for addressing public healthcare concerns.

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What they’re saying:

“Thank you Gege for being a wonderful guide in a path towards a hopeful future.” – Dr. Max Ganado

“Gege is an excellent leader with a superb analytical mind, which in tune with his ability to work within complex technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, makes him a serious and exciting force to witness. It is a joy to work with him as he moulds AI solutions with true purpose, across wide-ranging sectors such as healthcare, financial services and even iGaming.” – Dom Wolf (Product Director, Virgin Mobile)

“Gege is the best CEO I’ve had the privilege of working for. He has pioneered EBO to get in front of some of the biggest players in the industry, shown the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and has turned it into something I am deeply passionate about. His respect, trust, and encouragement towards his colleagues in my eyes make him an icon in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Business.” – Milan Amin (former CMO Binance, CMO Blockchain Warehouse)

“Gege has deep and relevant knowledge of IT-Law matters. He’s an active prime participant in the Cloud-Privacy-Check project which brings together 44 lawyers from 32 countries to provide better understanding and awareness on data privacy. He has demonstrated to be insightful, methodical and with a positive flair for international strategic cooperation.” – Tobias Höllwarth (President of EuroCloud Europe)

Gege has deep knowledge in IT, Law, Marketing and Business Development. He is a passionate director who inspires and motivates those around him. He is always extremely focused on delivering results and consistently ensures that projects are completed on time and at the highest level. Gege is a natural leader, an excellent mentor and very strong at maintaining trusting relationships with key stakeholders.” – Carl Saydon (Digital Marketing Manager, ICON)

 “I have known Gege for many years – first as a web development contractor, through his company ICON, and now as a business partner in Muovo. With time, we have both strayed away from our core professional practices (in his case, law) to run businesses in technology and digital media. Gege is smart, sharp and gets things done. That is why he was the ideal partner at Muovo – he understands what it takes to help move people and companies up the ICT value chain.”
– Alex Grech, (Owner, Strategy Works)

“Gege’s “eye” for photography is so unique, it inspires me to want to keep looking at simple, everyday objects differently, artistically. I especially like the contemplative expression on his portrait subjects, it makes you wonder what they’re thinking.”
Jenny Anna Ung, Designer, Texas US

“Gege provides our publication with interesting articles covering his areas of expertise. These are well researched and provide valuable insights to our readers.”
– Ambrose Muscat, (Consulting Editor, The Malta Economic Update)

“I always loved pictures but the fist time I saw Gege’s photos I was so moved I fell in love with photography. He is a truly inspirational figure and I’ve been hooked up on his posts all this time because they have so much energy, creativity and passion you can never get enough.”
– Christina Goggi, Journalist