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A space for carols

It’s too easy to squeeze music out of Christmas.

Busy bars, stressful schedules, long lists and a cacophony of other requests can distance one from the music which is rightfully part of Christmas.

Then come those graceful opportunities which envelope you in a blissful Christmas cheer and stillness: carols.
Today I squeezed into a lovely Christmas concert by Chorus Urbanus at the majestic St. John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta.

It’s extremely magical to sit in a Cathedral built in 1577, decorated by some of the most distinguished artists of all time and partake in an age-old ritual of listening to sacred music.

Sitting in expectation of a choir is always great: the sense of anticipation, the tuning of the string instruments and the occasional whiff of burned incense set the mood perfectly.

Under the direction of Mro. John Galea the choir performed some of the most well known carols such as Adeste Fideles, Little Drummer Boy and so on. Jacop Portelli’s harp solo: Nataliana was magically awesome.

There is something nostalgic and calming in Christmas carols. Perhaps their familiarity brings consistency in a mad world. Possibly their slow progression freezes time for a moment and allows one to focus on the very present experience of listening. Maybe the innocence of carols draw us back to a childhood of better, simpler days.

Merry Christmas to all :)

St. John's CoCathedral in Valletta, Malta

St. John’s CoCathedral in Valletta

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